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Living #10for2, even as a camp parent

Posted by Jason Sebell on Aug 3, 2018 8:09:00 AM

This morning I was made aware of an interesting piece on titled "When Your Kids Are At Camp, Do This If You Can". It was written by Diana Zicklin Berrent, one of our long-time K&E camp parents. Diana is a professional photographer and an avid traveler, and as she writes: 

This is the second summer that both of my children, Zelda (11) and Spencer (9), are spending seven weeks at Camps Kenwood and Evergreen, a brother-sister camp in a remote part of New Hampshire. We send them there to get offline, to forge friendships, to succeed and fail on their own merits, and to learn how to handle those failures and revel in those successes on their own. We send them to a camp where they feel comfortable enough to take risks and build up their emotional grit so that they may make it through middle school (and beyond) in one piece.

We could not have summed it up better! We invite you to take a look at Diana's thought provoking article. In it she talks about how important it is for children to unplug and step outside of their comfort zones while at overnight camp...and challenges parents to consider doing the same while their kids are away! Thanks for the shout out to Kenwood and Evergreen in your article, Diana!

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Camps Kenwood & Evergreen is an overnight camp in NH that offers 3, 4 and 7 week opportunities for campers to unplug from the digital world and experience the wonders of childhood.

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