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A night of celebrating an important Camp friend

Posted by Jason Sebell on Aug 4, 2018 8:12:00 AM

Thursday night was our 5th Anything Can Happen Thursday of the summer, and we decided to pull out all the stops. When we were all gathered at Assembly I announced that it was going to be a very special evening. It was going to be Jacki Mitchell's Bat Mitzvah! 

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Living #10for2, even as a camp parent

Posted by Jason Sebell on Aug 3, 2018 8:09:00 AM

This morning I was made aware of an interesting piece on titled "When Your Kids Are At Camp, Do This If You Can". It was written by Diana Zicklin Berrent, one of our long-time K&E camp parents. Diana is a professional photographer and an avid traveler, and as she writes: 

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Topics: 10for20, camp parent, diana berrent

Saying thank you to some of those who help our summer camp community

Posted by Jason Sebell on Aug 2, 2018 8:17:00 AM

At breakfast assembly we celebrated an important K&E tradition. We asked every camper who had recommended our overnight camp to a friend or relative for this summer to step forward and be thanked by the community. After everyone cheered we presented them with a much coveted super soft K&E sweatshirt blanket. 

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A beautiful day at our overnight camp in NH

Posted by Jason Sebell on Aug 1, 2018 8:14:00 AM

Today may have been the prettiest weather day of the entire summer. From noon until sunset the temperature was in the mid 80's with low humidity, very few clouds in the sky, and a light breeze coming off of the lake. It was a spectacular day to be doing fun activities with camp friends. 

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Scenes from the fabulous day after Visiting Day

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jul 31, 2018 8:22:00 AM

It was the morning after a wonderful Visiting Day and everyone seemed to be in a good and silly mood. Like this guy who decided to wear an octopus on his head to breakfast. 

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Topics: visiting day, capture the flag, ropes course, tennis, chef charles

A Video Wrap Up of Week #4 of the Summer of 2018

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jul 28, 2018 2:10:58 PM

Take a look at some of our favorite moments from this fourth week of the Summer of 2018!

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Topics: week 4, weekly summer videos, wrap up video

Celebrating the Holidays in July as part of Anything Can Happen Thursdays!

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jul 27, 2018 8:07:00 AM

Tonight was the fourth Anything Can Happen Thursday of the summer, and we decided to go all out with this meal. Our Chef team spent all week learning new recipes while Diego and the Support Staff came up with fun new ways to decorate the dining hall. 

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Topics: tri-state softball, anything can happen thursdays, evergreen tri-state

A Lip Sync Night no camper or counselor will soon forget

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jul 26, 2018 8:08:00 AM

There are certain moments here that help define a summer. They're moments involving most or all of the community, and make such an indelible impression that people talk about them years or even decades later. Often it's a funny skit during the Opening Counselor Show, a buzzer beater shot during Color War, or a band's unexpectedly amazing performance during Hollowpallooza. Tonight, all of Camp Kenwood experienced one of those unforgettable Camp moments during our annual Lip Sync Contest, and it wasn't just one act, but rather an entire evening of performances that we will all remember.

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Celebrating #CampKindnessDay at our overnight camp in NH

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jul 24, 2018 10:28:00 PM

Today at Camp we celebrated a new holiday: Camp Kindness Day. Created by our friends at the American Camp Association, this was a new event designed to highlight "the practice of intentional kindness that happens every day at American camps".

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Topics: kashi, campkindnessday

Jell-O Wrestling: one of our campers' favorite activities!

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jul 24, 2018 8:17:00 AM

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