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A Gorgeous August Day At Our Summer Camp in NH

Posted by Jason Sebell on Aug 2, 2017 12:13:00 AM

Today was an absolutely gorgeous August day at our summer camp in NH. As we left our cabins to head to breakfast we were treated to a family of Canada Geese frolicking on the lake, putting on quite a show. As they honked and flapped their wings they sent the water flying, and seemed to be having a spectacular time doing it. I stood with a group of campers and marveled at how wonderful it was to share a moment like this together at the start of yet another day at Camp.

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Camp's Soundtrack This Week

Posted by Jason Sebell on Aug 2, 2013 2:10:00 AM

For many of us here music and Camp are deeply connected. Most of us eschew wrist watches in favor of marking the milestones of the day with bugel calls and Assembly music. When I was a camper one of my favorite aspects of each summer was living with new bunkmates who had different musical taste than I did. On rainy days when we were hanging out in the bunk we would take turns playing different songs for each other. I also have vivid memories of my counselors (including Scott) playing classic albums by the great bands that I had never heard of, and instantly becoming a fan of whole new styles and genres. It's part of the learning that takes place here every summer. 

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