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Camp counselors talk about bedtime at our brother/sister summer camp

Posted by Jason Sebell on Dec 3, 2015 9:10:00 AM

One of the best ways to know what a summer camp community is like is to get to know its camp counselors. They are the adults who interact day in and day out with the campers, and who have the greatest impact on your child's experience while away from home for the summer. With that in mind, we welcome you to episode 3 in our video series called "Counselor Conversations". 

Each week we gather four of our most experienced, talented camp counselors and ask them questions about life at our brother/sister camp in New Hampshire. And then we let the video camera roll. No script, no editing, and we don't even share what the questions are ahead of time. We just have them talk about the intentionality that they use to help our campers have such incredible summers. These are their thoughts on why being a part of our summer camp community is so powerful, and the many intentional ways we help our campers make friends, have fun, and grow.

Learn more about the crucial skills our summer camp teaches young people

This week we asked our talented camp counselors to talk about bedtime at our sleepaway camp, including:

  • Is there a set bedtime for our campers (hint: there isn't)?
  • Is bedtime different in our summer camp for boys or summer camp for girls?
  • What are the bedtime rituals that we have designed to help every camper feel safe, cared for, and ready to go to sleep?
  • What is the special question that our counselors ask their campers every night of the summer (and why is it so important)? 

We hope that you enjoy getting to know Courtney, Josh, Sean and Rachael in this third episode of #CounselorConversations. As you can imagine, smart, kind, thoughtful, commited camp staff can make a huge difference in a child's first experience away from home, and these guys are just a small sample of our 200+ talented camp staff.

The video is just 7 minutes long and should tell you a lot about our brother/sister camp. If you retweet it please use the hashtag #counselorconversations. 

Watch How We Train Our Staff

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How our rituals & summer camp traditions help make all the difference

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jul 2, 2015 3:14:00 AM

In the last few days I've seen so many different -- and unique -- examples of how we help our campers learn important life skills, and feel deeply connected to our community. One example came during our daily morning assembly. While the whole camp was gathered I reminded everyone of our annual "Where Your Camp Shirt" contest. We love it when our campers wear their camp apparel in the off seasons, and we also love encouraging them to explore the world around them. Going to a 7-week overnight camp shows a real independent and resilient character, and we want to foster that year-round. So each year we have a contest to see who can travel the farthest from our campus in Wilmot, NH and have their picture taken with a camp t-shirt or sweatshirt on. Over the last twelve months we've had about 50 submissions, and this year's prize went to Oliver, who traveled all the way to Tanzania. He won a party for his bunk, and the admiration of every boy, girl and counselor in Camp. Bravo to you, sir! 

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Information About Our Bedtime Rituals For New Parents And Campers

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jan 28, 2015 2:23:00 PM

There may be fresh snow all over the East coast today, but the start of our summer camp in New Hampshire is only 150 days away! And as our June 27th start is approaching, the most common questions we are getting from new parents and campers are about bedtime. Is there a set bedtime at Kenwood and Evergreen? Am I allowed to read after lights out? What if I need extra time or attention from a counselor? During the winter and spring months we try to tackle a different aspect of life in our intentional NH community each week, and hopefully provide some insider information for parents and campers. This week’s subject is all about bedtime rituals. 

Every night of our 7-week session we have a fun, exciting evening activity that starts at 7:30pm, and ends around 8:45pm. Evening activities include ceremonial campfires, slam dunk contests and home run derbies, costume dance nights, capture the flag games that include all of Kenwood or Evergreen, lip sync nights, Minute-to-Win-It game show nights, theatrical performances, and, of course, wrestling in over 1,000 pounds of Jell-O. The evenings are pretty incredible at our overnight camp.

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