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Boston’s Best Sleep Away Summer Camps For Kids

Posted by Jason Sebell on Feb 25, 2013 4:52:00 PM

We were incredibly excited to wake up yesterday morning and see that CBS Boston's website had a new article naming the 5 best overnight summer camps for kids in the Boston area, and that Camps Kenwood & Evergreen was first on their list!


Take a look at what they had to say about our sleep away camp, and let us know what you think about what they wrote in the comment section of the blog or on our facebook page! CBS isn't the only news outlet to recognize Kenwood & Evergreen as an exceptional sleep away camp for children. Check out these articles in Boston Magazine and Living Without Magazine!


While you're at it, would you consider writing a testimonial about us on our Facebook wall? We'd love to know how you feel about being a part of the Camps Kenwood & Evergreen community, and would love to share your thoughts with families just learning about us.


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Using Pinterest to Develop New Program and Menu Ideas for Camp

Posted by Jason Sebell on Feb 12, 2013 2:35:00 PM

Just as we are committed to the health and growth of each member of our community, the Administration at Kenwood & Evergreen is dedicated to developing new and exciting offerings each summer that meet the evolving needs of our camp families. It’s why in the past few years we've added Lacrosse, GAGA and the Waterslide to our program, and will be premiering Cooking this coming summer. As another example, starting earlier this winter Scott and I began to work with a company of consultants who are helping us re-examine our Dining Hall menus. Some of the changes will be obvious – like new items, meals or ingredients – while others will be less noticeable and more behind the scenes. One of our goals is to purchase more fruits and vegetables grown locally, so that we can increase the nutrients in our foods while also lowering our overall carbon footprint. It’s really exciting stuff, and we are having a great time working on this project!

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Will Camp Help Us Save The World?

Posted by Jason Sebell on Feb 9, 2013 6:03:00 PM

I spend a whole lot of time in my car, driving to the houses and apartments of the new campers interested in joining the Kenwood & Evergreen community. And with so many hours spent by myself I have this incredible opportunity to listen to some very powerful recordings. Lately, in between the weekly broadcasts of NPR’s “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” and whatever music has recently captured my fancy, I’ve also been enjoying samples from the vast collection of TED talks.

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Our Incredible, Amazing Summer 2012 Camp Reunion in New Jersey!

Posted by Jason Sebell on Feb 4, 2013 4:21:00 PM

This past weekend about 250 members of our Camp Community got together for our annual reunion in NJ. Campers, Parents and Staff from the Tri-State Area, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts braved the cold and snow to spend a few hours with their camp friends at a NY Sports Club. We played basketball, soccer and hockey, went swimming, ate pizza, and just enjoyed our time together. Ours is a community that really enjoys being with one another.

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Camps KandE Welcome Remix - Summer Camp Doing Silly Things

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jan 26, 2013 12:38:00 PM

We have a tremendous amount of fun each summer at Kenwood & Evergreen. Every day our campers participate in ceramics, musical theater, photography, rustic furniture building, movie making, rock bands, dance, and all of the interesting things one can create in traditional summer camp arts & crafts. And yet there seem to be so many other fun and creative outlets at Kenwood & Evergreen. A big part of this stems from our counselors, who are always looking for novel and exciting ways to help our campers express themselves. For the past few years our head of Film Making Gabe Frieshas rewritten some of our classic Camp songs or cheers and turned them into full musical compositions. One was a calypso-style tune and another was a kind of Ska-pop song with a full horn section and back up singers. This year he and his friends embarked on their most ambitious project yet: they "remixed" a song that we use to welcome new members of the community into a great tune and created a hysterical music video to go with it. As you will see, this silly video amazingly involved every single member of the Camps Kenwood & Evergreen Summer 2012 community!

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