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The End of an Amazing First Week at Camp

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jul 7, 2013 8:15:00 PM

Yesterday was the end of an amazing first week at today we began the start of our fabulous second week! This morning we all slept a little later than usual.  After a leisurely breakfast Evergreen had its first intramural sports league game of the season.  Each team is named after a different candy (of course a peanut free candy!), and is comprised of campers of all ages and counselors of different units.  Over the course of the summer the Candy Bar League teams will get to play each other in soccer, softball, street hockey, kickball, and volleyball.  It’s another great way for campers in the different age groups to get to know each other, and have a lot of fun playing sports.

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A Fabulous First Week

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jul 5, 2013 11:18:00 PM

There was a lot going on today as we said goodbye to this fabulous first week of the summer. Just as the sun was rising Kenwood had its first Polar Bear Swim of the summer, lead by Adventure Dave. Next Friday it will be Evergreen’s chance to take an early and “refreshing” dip into the lake.

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