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How Do I Help My Child Learn To Be A Leader

Posted by Jason Sebell on May 12, 2014 3:05:00 PM

How do I help my child learn to be a leader?

It's a question that many parents ask themselves, and something our summer camp team spends a great deal of time studying. Recently, we were at an educational conference and heard expert Tim Elmore speaking about this subject. If you are not familiar with Elmore, he's an authority on helping young people grow into future leaders. I found his message really compelling, particularly because, as he said "every kid can be a leader, because leadership is about influence.” His mission is to help every young person develop the tools and inner directive to create positive change in their world. Over 30 years Tim Elmore has published over 25 books (including a number of best sellers) on young people and leadership. He's also founder and president of Growing Leaders, a nonprofit that conducts research to determine the best parenting and educational practices for fostering qualities like independence, resilience and collaboration in young people.

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