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"Let's Run Away And Join The Circus!"

Posted by Jason Sebell on Aug 5, 2013 1:31:00 AM

Today was another favorite annual Kenwood & Evergreen event, and a tremendous end to a weekend of non-stop fun.  All morning our campers and counselors were working together to prepare for this afternoon’s Carnival.  This year’s theme was Barnum and Bailey Circus, and it had both campers and counselors very excited.  The refrain all over Camp was “let’s run away and join the Circus!” Just after lunch our Evergreen Freshmen campers got dressed up in all sorts of costumes, taking on the roles of Ring Master, Lion Tamer, Lions, Elephants, Clowns and so many others.  They sang short, humorous songs that their counselors wrote for them about how great their characters were, and the entire girls’ camp cheered for each of our littlest performers.  In Kenwood our Freshmen also took on the roles of the archetypical Circus characters, but instead of singing individual songs, they put on a humorous skit for all of K&E in the hollow.  Then a group of counselors came out and did their own funny sendup of life in a traveling Carnival, complete with olde time soundtrack and a counselor riding a real horse into the Hollow! As is tradition our Juniper girls put on a fantastic choreographed dance routine, and then all of the Senior campers took part in husking the fresh corn that had just arrived from a local farm. And then the Carnival began!

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