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Trying New Things At Camp

Posted by Jason Sebell on Jul 16, 2013 12:55:00 AM

Today seemed to be a day of trying new things at Camp. Our Evergreen Freshmen went on a day trip with Adventure Dave, and spent two hours jumping off of a bridge into a local body of water (with life jackets on, of course!), and then took turns swinging on a rope swing into a lake. One girl leapt off of the bridge 5 times! Our Kenwood Juniors had their first play practice, and started off by learning how to participate in improvisational games. I watched as they took turns creating new characters and scenes, building off of each other’s creativity and enthusiasm. They are now very excited to be a part of this year’s play. I also spent some time in the music building today and saw campers taking lessons in guitar, drums and piano for the very first time. A number of campers also went off of the zip line for the first time, including a couple of older campers who had been unsure about trying it in years past.

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