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The importance of everyone, including adults, unplugging from our electronics

Posted by Jason Sebell on Oct 21, 2015 9:00:00 AM

I am writing this as I fly back across the country, having spent 4 days completely unplugged from the world of apps, media and the Internet. The experience was…well, magical. Transformative. A childhood friend invited a group of us to spend his birthday camping in the Redwood Forest, and asked that we all lock all of our electronics in the trunks of our respective rental cars. Amazingly, everyone did. True to our word, and true to the spirit of the experience he sought, we all went 4 days without texting, emailing, or even using our phones as flashlights. I don't have a single photo. 

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Topics: summers unplugged, friendship, redwood forest, off the grid

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