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Helping Kids Reframe Tough Moments For Social And Emotional Growth

Posted by Jason Sebell on Feb 18, 2015 3:44:47 PM

It’s vacation week here in MA, and yesterday morning I picked my kids up from a sleepover at a friend’s house. When I asked my youngest how it went he waivered, and then said in a defeated tone “not good”. Now I know my youngest very well, and I’ve learned over time that there are always important nuances to understanding how he experienced a moment. As child development expert Dr. Michael Thompson has written about, as a concerned parent it's all too easy to "interview for pain" in a moment like this, and immediately have heard my child's discomfort as a chance to become alarmed. So fighting the intense urge to freak out and rescue him I responded with “Tell me more, buddy…” Here’s as close to a verbatim transcript as I can come up with, having been driving when it took place:

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Topics: 21st century skills, sleepover, reframing

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